Visual Risk Manager (Pty)

Visual Risk Manager (Pty) Ltd (VRM) was founded by two individuals, with over 25 years of business experience each, who were both totally passionate about effective and streamlined business management systems to improve business.

As integrated visual management system experts, Visual Risk Manager (Pty) (VRM) specializes in providing integrated management systems for companies who want to optimize their business and requires to engage in a continuing certification process to demonstrate their compliance with standards and/or legislation. VRM believes that there is an opportunity to provide organizations with an edge in implementing integrated management systems that drive strategic vision whilst also meeting requirements and more importantly increase business efficiency.

VRM’s core purpose is to improve business performance and confidence through the implementation, integration, automation, maintenance and auditing of a wide range of Management Systems.

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We have been authorized partners of Visual Risk Manager (Pty since 2014.

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